Important Newborn Information

When to Book - To avoid disappointment, please book your newborn session with me as early as possible, ideally whilst still pregnant.  I will then reserve time for your sitting based on your due date, allowing flexibility in my diary should baby (as they often do) decide to arrive early or late.  It is important that you contact me as soon as possible after baby has been born to confirm your session date.
What to Bring - Prior to your session you will be sent a PDF booklet full of information about your session and what to bring with you.

SafetyYour baby's safety is my number one priority and it is a subject I am passionate about.  Over the years I have strived to raise awareness of this important issue through my blogs and social media. I have had articles published both in the UK and internationally on the subject of safe practice during newborn portrait sessions and appeared as a guest blogger promoting safety to new parents for the Small Steps Parenting Community and the Baby and Newborn Photography Association.

In order to ensure baby's safety during a session, I will ask mum or dad to assist with some poses for example, to safely support baby in the creation of 'composite' shots, an example of which can be seen here.  As you can see, this tiny baby was fully supported by daddy and the resulting images put together carefully in Photoshop to create the final photograph.  

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AgeThe age of your baby will determine what poses I am able to use. In order to create those gorgeous, curly poses, your newborn session ideally needs to take place before baby is two weeks of age, if possible, between five and ten days of age.  After two weeks, your baby will begin to  lose their newborn appearance and be less likely to fall into that deep newborn sleep that allows me to gently position them into the poses I use.    

Please don't worry however if we miss that window of opportunity! All this means is that I may not be able to use some of my 'tiny' newborn props and your session could take longer as little one will be more alert and less inclined to sleep. 

Personally, I love 'wide eyed' newborn photographs and am always amazed at a young baby's ability to give me some amazing eye contact. Even in sessions where little one has absolutely refused to sleep for more than ten minutes, mum and dad have still ended up with a set of gorgeous photos!


Session LengthYou need to be aware that newborn shoots take time.  I will always work around the needs of your baby allowing for feeds, nappy changes and cuddles to soothe your little one to sleep.  It’s not unusual for a newborn session to last four hours and it is for this reason that my newborn sessions all start at 10.00 am. Once we have confirmed a date for your newborn shoot, you will receive an advice booklet designed to ensure your session runs as smoothly as possible.  It is very important that you read this booklet carefully to prepare for your session. 
Flaky Skin/Red Spots/Birth Marks - Please don't worry if your little one has flaky skin or blemishes.  All images are professionally processed to ensure the subtle removal of any little imperfections.  With regard to birth marks, I will always ask whether you would like the mark removed completely, left as it is or simply softened slightly in the final image.  skinskin
Older Siblings - As important members of the family, older siblings are of course welcome to be photographed with their new brother or sister at no extra charge. However, please let me know if older children are involved, as I will need to arrange for the sibling and family portraits to be taken at the start of the session.  If your older children are at school, please inform me at the time of your initial booking and I will do my best to keep a weekend free for your newborn session, however this cannot be guaranteed.
As the newborn part of your session requires a calm atmosphere and could take a few hours to complete in very warm conditions, I do ask that older children be collected from the studio/taken home after their photos have been taken.  Experience has taught me that it is just not fair to expect a child to sit quietly for up to four hours while we concentrate on the newborn part of the session.

Dogs and Newborns

I have become well known over the years for photographing newborns alongside their family pet.  As a lover of both children and animals, this really is my dream job!  If you have a pet dog who you would like included in your newborn session, please discuss this with me and see my separate guidance here. Safety is of course always my number one priority, and I will take every care to ensure you get the images you want in the safest possible way for all concerned.


Clothing Choices - As very young babies are so easily swamped by clothing and in order to show off your baby's flawless skin and tiny features, I photograph newborns in the nude or in my lovely simple wraps.  Of course if you have a favourite outfit you really want your baby photographed in, bring it with you and we will work it into the session. 

For adults/siblings choose clothes that are not heavily patterned or brightly coloured - such clothes will draw attention away from your faces (and of course baby) in the finished photos.  Family groups look great if you are all dressed in complimentary colours.  I make no excuses for saying that black is my favourite colour for portraits and these two images demonstrate why - the viewer's attention is naturally drawn to the brighter areas of the image, i.e. the faces! 

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Mums are often concerned about their post-pregnancy shape and having had three children myself, I can associate with that!  The most flattering thing to wear for those lovely mummy and new baby shots are dark colours with long sleeves. 

Finally, my studio will be lovely and warm for your newborn session so I would advise that layers be worn for your comfort. As I will be passing your naked baby back to you between set ups, I would also suggest you bring a clean set of clothes, just in case of little accidents!

Thank you for reading.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact section of my website or on 07765 718415.

Lorraine Jardim LBIPP QGPP

Ellie J Photography