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Throughout my years as a portrait photographer I have always applied the same rule. Whether my client is an adult, child, newborn baby or pet, my aim is to produce imagery that will focus on my subject without lots of distractions.

With my newborn work, one advantage of being established before the genre was popular in the UK is that I have been able to develop my own style without the influence of the thousands of newborn images seen on social media and the internet today.

I work with limited distracting props, decorations or formal posing, preferring instead to concentrate on natural expression. My reason for this is simple, fashions change frequently and I want to provide my clients with timeless images that can be displayed in their homes for many years.

For those seeking the services of a portrait photographer, there are a wealth of photographers offering imagery ranging from quiet, simple photographs to those full of brightly coloured props or where the subject is superimposed against a digital background.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm not knocking any of these styles, (indeed I'll sometimes use a digital background myself if I feel it looks right),  I just want you to make sure I am the right photographer for you. 

If you are considering Ellie J Photography as your family's photographer, thank you so much!  Please browse my various portfolios to ensure you are happy with the work I produce. 

Best wishes;  I hope to hear from you.

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