I want a Newborn Session but I HATE being in photos!


If I had a pound for every time a parent told me they felt uneasy about having their photograph taken I would be driving a much nicer car!

It is completely normal to feel this way, especially for mums so soon after giving birth, or when you’re both trying to cope with
sleepless nights. The choice of whether to have family photographs with your newborn is completely up to you however, I would always suggest new parents think about it first before deciding no.

If any of my clients are unsure about having a family photograph taken during a newborn session I will of course honour their 21bw21bw
wishes, but I will also suggest perhaps having just one or two while they are with me. If they really don’t like the finished images then they don’t have to buy them, but I will gently remind them that their baby will only be this small at this point in time. In a few short weeks that tiny baby they brought home from hospital will have stretched out those tightly curled limbs, lost the newborn downy hair and begun to grow. Newborn babies are tiny, perfect beings but their features soon change, and I hate to think of any parents regretting their decision not to take up the opportunity of having a professional family photo taken which will help them remember just how tiny and uniquely perfect their child was when first born.

If you are worried about having your photograph taken, share your concerns with your chosen photographer beforehand. Let them know of any specific insecurities you may have. A skilled photographer will know how to work with someone who is camera shy. They will be able to direct their client’s position and use light creatively to diminish any areas their client may be self-conscious about. Shadows under the eyes due to sleepless nights can be dealt with in post processing, as can any pregnancy induced skin imperfections.

During the session don’t be afraid to tell the photographer which ‘side’ you prefer to be photographed from. If you’d rather not be looking at the camera at all you could request more candid, informal shots for example, images of you looking down at baby. Your photographer could suggest a silhouetted image or, if you would really rather not have your face appear at all but still want a record of how tiny your baby is, there is always the option of baby being photographed gently cradled by mum and dad’s hands.

With regard to clothing choice, I would always say to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable, but if you are a mum who is conscious about her body after childbirth (as I was), then darker tops and long sleeves can help.

Finally, if you feel a little overwhelmed during a session, please don’t hesitate to ask your newborn photographer for a short break. As a mum of three I remember all too well what a crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride those first few weeks can be. A professional newborn photographer will understand this and work the session around both your needs and those of baby to ensure you have as relaxed and comfortable an experience as possible.