Covid-19 Studio Safety

Ellie J Photography
Newborn and Family Photographer Warwickshire

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I want to ensure you that I will be doing my best not only to provide you with some wonderful images of your family, but also to do this as safely as possible. I have been fully vaccinated and am undertaking twice weekly Covid tests.

As a busy full time photographer I have many vulnerable clients, as well as newborn babies whose immune systems are under-developed.  From a personal perspective I live with two high risk family members and suffer with asthma myself. 

I realise that our government has now made Covid safety measures voluntary however, I have taken the decision to continue with my existing health and safety measures in order to ensure as far as I can the health and safety of all visitors to my studio and of course, my own family.

I long for the day when I can happily get back to a mask free studio, but I personally think we are still a little way off from that.  Please be assured though that a session with me will still produce some wonderful memories for you!  The photographs shown on this page were all taken in my studio using Covid-19 safe practice.



Prior to each studio session, clients will be sent a booklet of information detailing the safety measures that have been put in place regarding Covid-19 and explaining what is expected of them in order to make their visit as safe as possible.  In order for their session to take place, clients are respectfully asked to ensure their compliance with the requirements contained in this booklet.

The studio has been risk assessed and re-arranged to support my new way of working.  It is 27 feet long with an entrance at either end, so social distancing can be easily maintained.  Hand sanitiser is provided along with face masks (if you forget your own) and I am limiting the number of  studio bookings I accept per week to ensure that the area can be deep cleaned between sessions. In light of this, advance booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

I shall of course be wearing a face covering for the duration of all sessions and regularly sanitising my hands throughout.  I respectfully ask my clients to do the same, although of course the face coverings will come off while photographs are being taken.

New parents can be assured that while they will still have professional photographs to remember their baby's early weeks of life, these will have been taken as safely as possible. 

Complicated newborn poses (such as head in hands) where very close contact, the touching of baby's face and close proximity to a spotter is required, will not be carried out. Unfortunately, social distancing makes it impossible to get close enough to baby to safely undertake these poses, and I make no apology for the fact that I will never put my clients, or indeed my own family, at risk in order to make money.

I have done a lot of preparation to ensure that despite social distancing I can still provide a beautiful selection of photographs to my clients.

Many thanks for your interest.  If you would like to make an enquiry please get in touch.

Stay safe and best wishes,


This socially distanced image is an award winner!


Beautiful sisters with their new baby brother.  Mummy posed baby under my direction and I took the photo from
a safe distance using my long zoom lens.


Brotherly Love!


I love this beautiful family photo!  Socially distanced and safely posed.


There's no need for birthday boy to miss out on his cake smash and splash!  Mummy was close to hand to ensure safety while I was at the other
end of the studio using my long zoom lens.


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