Guest Blogger - Baby Massage Instructor Nikki Sanders of Nurture with Nikki

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As a newborn and baby photographer I have an interest in all things baby, and I've enjoyed many a conversation over the years with people who have established their careers in baby care. 

I also love talking to and sharing baby tips with new mums and dads, and I must mention a particular session I had a while back.  My little client was a fair bit older than my regular newborn, so I was prepared for a longer session.  On the day however, he was so relaxed and content that the session was finished in record time. I jokingly asked mum what on earth she was feeding him to make him so chilled out, and she told me that she had attended pregnancy yoga before his birth and was now taking him to baby massage classes. 

I've been itching to learn more about baby massage and am therefore delighted to introduce my guest blogger Nikki Sanders of Nurture with Nikki based in Solihull, who took time out from her busy schedule to do a little Q and A session with me.  This lovely lady has helped many parents reap the rewards of baby massage since setting up her business in 2016.  Nikki has recently adapted her way of working to ensure she can continue supporting her clients during Covid 19 by offering on-line classes.  I'm sure all you new mums and dads will find this blog of interest.


Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Nikki, founder and sole owner of ‘Nurture with Nikki’ Baby Massage. I have five children, their ages ranging from 14 to 21 so our house is very full and home life is very busy! My hobbies include cycling, running, walking and playing Netball which keep me fit when I am not working or looking after my family. I am also an animal lover, having two rescue cats at home called Pepsi and Max. As well as being a Qualified Baby Massage Instructor I am also a Qualified Postnatal Practitioner running postnatal courses for the NCT (National Childbirth Trust). Having enjoyed this particular role for over ten years, I am passionate about helping mums and dads with their journeys through parenthood.
When did you set up your business, ‘Nurture with Nikki’ and why did you decide to go into this line of work?
I set up ‘Nurture with Nikki’ in 2016 after qualifying to become a Baby Massage Instructor. Whilst I was thoroughly enjoying my role running the Postnatal courses, I wanted to reach more parents, supporting them in a positive way at the same time as helping them develop their skills as new parents. Baby Massage was such an obvious choice to expand my skill set as having massaged my own children for many years I already understood the huge range of benefits to parents and babies.
What do you enjoy most about it?
I love teaching the strokes and explaining how each stroke will help their baby – passing on this knowledge and watching the mums and dads grow in confidence in how to handle their baby is heart-warming. Aside from the massage strokes I have the added advantage of being a Postnatal Practitioner and absolutely love talking to the parents and supporting them in the challenges and issues they face. I have recently had to go Online with my classes due to Covid-19 so have added a ‘Nurture with Nikki’s Chit Chat’ session which is purely about supporting mums and dads in this way by discussing all aspects of ‘life after baby arrives’.
Are qualifications required to become a Baby Massage Instructor?
Absolutely – qualifications are essential and require the study of the anatomical aspects of babies to gain an understanding of the effects of Baby Massage. I think it is important that parents have a good understanding of why we do the strokes, almost as important as knowing how we do the strokes so quality training provides this. It is essential parents know how to massage their baby safely so attending a course delivered by a qualified Baby Massage Instructor will achieve this.
Can you tell us a little more about Baby Massage. What are the Benefits and why should parents consider it for their little one?
Baby massage is the art of gentle loving touches of your baby’s skin using oils or moisturisers in a stimulating but relaxing way. It will release tension and help to nurture both their physical and emotional development. Using baby massage as part of your routine, you will find the soothing strokes of your hands stimulate the production of the feel-good hormone known as oxytocin in you and your baby. This lays down the positive emotional foundations for a strong bond between parent and baby and encourages love, trust and emotional security between baby and carer. This is the first step in positive communication with your baby through eye contact and touch and will help you to recognise your baby’s cues by noticing how they respond. Baby Massage has been used for generations in many different parts of the world and across all different cultures; it is widely recognised to have a great number of positive benefits to both parent and baby. There are lots of ways baby massage can benefit not just your baby, but your family as well: • It provides invaluable Bonding and Attachment opportunities • Improves relaxation and sleep patterns • Provides relief from trapped wind, constipation and teething pain • Improves digestion, circulation, skin condition and muscle tone. NWNNWN

How cute are these babies? They even get to graduate from class with a cap and gown!

What is the age range of the babies that you see in your classes?
You can actually massage your baby from birth but I would encourage parents to wait until their baby is six weeks old to get the maximum benefit out of coming to a class – you aren’t able to use oil on your babies skin until this time as their natural skin barrier is still developing. It is also better to wait until they are six weeks old to give them (and you) time to adjust to being in the big wide world.
Are there any restrictions on Baby Massage for example, if a baby has a particular health condition, can they still take part?
The majority of health conditions are often helped by Baby massage however if your baby has specific issues it Is always best to check with your doctor/consultant before joining a class. I always check beforehand if there are any medical issues to be aware of – I can then assess if any of the massage strokes need to be adapted-for example, a baby with clicky hips would need to avoid the two strokes that involve the movement of the hip joint but all other strokes can be used and enjoyed.
Has anything funny happened during one of your classes that you can share?
During my online classes, I encourage any older siblings to get involved using a teddy or doll. A mum sent me a video of her four year old daughter repeating my words and practising the massage strokes on her baby sister later that day– so funny and so heart warming!
How can people contact you for further information?
I run four week courses for new parents and then specific Pay as you Go sessions for those parents who want to continue their Baby Massage journey with me. I find many parents enjoy the information sharing chit chat at the beginning of my sessions as much as the baby massage so stay with me until their baby will no longer sit still! To contact me my email address is [email protected]
and my Facebook page is @NWNbabymassage



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