Guest Blogger - Talking about Tongue-Tie with Teresa Chambers, Director of Feeding Untied Ltd

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Talking about Tongue-Tie

with Guest Blogger Teresa Chambers

Feeding Untied Ltd

feeding untiedfeeding untied

When I first began photographing newborn babies over 12 years ago I hadn't even heard of tongue-tie and the difficulties it can cause for breast fed (and sometimes bottle fed) babies.  You see, none of my own three suffered from this condition, but through my photography I have now met countless families who have had to face this particular challenge of new parenthood.

For this blog, I am pleased to introduce you to Teresa Chambers, Director of Feeding Untied Ltd.  I recently became aware of Teresa and her business through my recent Central England Prestige 'Family Photographer of the Year' award, as Feeding Untied Ltd has been named 'Infant Feeding Specialists of the Year' in the same awards.

For any of my readers who are struggling with tongue-tie or who are just curious about this condition, please read on as the extremely knowledgeable and experienced Teresa takes part in one of my Q&A sessions for parents.

When did you establish Feeding Untied and why did you decide to do so?
I established Feeding Untied in February 2018 following five years as a infant feeding specialist and staff breastfeeding educator in a large local teaching hospital.  Many mothers struggled with breastfeeding their baby due to a tongue-tie, and as the hospital did not offer a service to assess and treat these babies, I felt powerless to help.  I decided to fund myself through the tongue-tie training and also took the Lactation Consultant's exam to be in a better position to help.  Once qualified, I was still unable to offer my specialist services at the hospital so Feeding UnTied Ltd was born.  
Can you tell us a little more about tongue-tie?
When the lingual frenulum underneath the tongue is too tight it can restrict normal movement of the tongue.  This means that the baby is unable to create a vacuum and effective tongue movement for adequate milk transfer at the breast or bottle.  This can cause pain for the mother and poor milk transfer leading to reduced milk supply, mastitis, engorgement and blocked ducts.  Baby symptoms include shallow nipple feeding, clicking, dribbling, inability to latch or maintain suction, disrupted suck-swallow-breathe, tendency to have issues with reflux, colic and associated abdominal discomfort for the baby.
Who would benefit from your services?
We see babies from birth to 9 months of age, whether they are breast feeding or bottle feeding.
What is your educational background and how has this helped your business?
I first did a four year undergraduate degree BA(Hons) in Nursing at Oxford Brookes University and worked for 2 years as a critical care nurse in a major trauma centre and local district general hospital.  I then completed a degree BSc(Hons) in Midwifery and worked as an integrated midwife (hospital and community) for over 10 years.  This was followed by 5 years as the Baby Friendly Initiative Unicef Project and Service Leader training midwives, neonatal nurses, paediatric nurses and Dr's at all levels in breastfeeding education.  Having had the breadth of experience working with professional colleagues at all levels and in close collaboration with families, I gained valuable insight into the importance of listening to the concerns of the families we serve to provide a service that fits the need at point of delivery.  It is imperative that we provide a reliable provision based on a solid foundation.  This should include professional skill and training, clean and safe environment, speed of assessment and treatment at an affordable price.
What do you enjoy most about your business?
Babies and new parents are delightful to work with. To see a baby go from fractious, frustrated feeds to easy, comfortable and effective feeds is so rewarding.  When mums have been in excruciating pain with every feed and then go to not having any pain and enjoying a pleasant feeding experience is incredibly special.
Do you have any memorable moments that you can share?
I had a dad give me a review using the words "your intervention in treating our baby and supporting my wife with feeding has been utterly life-changing for our family, heart-felt gratitude".  These were very powerful words and it truly brought tears to my eyes. 
Where can we find further information?

Phone Number 07588 123284

Address: CW Therapy Rooms, 1st Floor, 56-58 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1HH

Email: [email protected]

Facebook @FeedingUnTiedLtd

Is there anything extra you would like to share with us today?
In many cases, babies have often developed jaw, neck and shoulder tension by compensating for any restriction and therefore bodywork such as cranial osteopathy, craniosacral therapy or chiropractic treatment is also necessary to compliment the treatment of tongue-tie.  If you are unsure whether your baby has a tongue-tie and you feel your baby is tense or stiff when handling them to feed, you would be advised to try a few sessions of this bodywork first before going for tongue-tie assessment.  We also have an online booking service which means you can check availability and book an appointment 24/7.  We closely follow up all clients for a minimum of two weeks post procedure and beyond if required.  A clinic follow up at one week is included, plus email/text message support.  Your GP is notified and comprehensive aftercare information is given and discussed prior to leaving the clinic.


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