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Newborn Photography - Home or Away?

April 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When booking your newborn photographer you might want to consider whether you choose a mobile photographer offering lifestyle sessions (i.e. they come out to your home) or a studio based photographer (i.e. you travel to them).

You might of course have fallen in love with a particular photographer's work so much that you don't mind where your session takes place, as long as you can book them.  For many new parents however, the choice of a studio versus home visit might just sway a decision on who to book.

I made the decision to hang up my mobile newborn photographer boots a few years ago.  After working for a while as a lifestyle newborn photographer,  I carefully considered the options available and came to the conclusion that I could give my clients a better service by becoming solely studio based for newborn work.  My reasons were as follows;

I am primarily a studio light photographer.  I have been taught how to use studio lights to ensure I can always get the best from an image, no matter how miserable the British weather might be outside.  By being based in a studio I am not reliant on the vagaries of the weather and the light available in a client's home. Granted there is always the option to take smaller, portable lighting with you on location, but I much prefer having my professional studio lights with their variety of modifiers directly to hand to ensure I can get the style and look I want in an image.

Newborn photographers generally like to have the room toasty and warm when photographing their little subjects. Babies lose body heat quickly as their little bodies are still working out how to regulate their body temperature, so a nice warm room will help keep them comfortable (and sleepy!) during a session where they are usually photographed mostly in the nude.  By having my clients come to me, I can ensure that my studio is always at the right temperature for my work.

Over the years I have collected a wide range of backgrounds and props from all shapes and sizes of baskets and bowls to hats, blankets, wraps, headbands and everything in between!  I simply could not transport all my props to a location shoot  and its wonderful to have everything to hand during a studio session meaning I can offer my clients plenty of variety in their finished gallery.

Finally, something I didn't think of initially but which has been said to me on numerous occasions by clients, sometimes a trip to my studio has actually given new parents a much needed break! 

Those first few days at home with baby are absolutely wonderful - but can also be quite stressful with visits from midwives and health visitors - not to mention countless well wishing family members and friends all popping in for coffee and a cuddle with the new arrival. I offer new parents a lovely comfy sofa to relax on, changing facilities, refreshments and perfect peace and quiet for a while as I take over charge of baby during their first professional photo shoot.  I've lost count of the number of new mums and dads who have fallen asleep on my comfy green sofa, listening to my white noise and enjoying the warmth!  There's also the added bonus of not having to worry about tidying up your house before a location newborn session - so you can leave those piles of ironing, washing up and cob webs where they are and not worry about them spoiling any photos!

The above are the reasons why I personally chose to establish myself as a studio based newborn photographer,  but there will of course be reasons why you might prefer to book a photographer to come to your home.

Not everyone feels great after giving birth and the thought of leaving home during those first couple of weeks can be daunting.  This is where a location shoot for your newborn can be the obvious choice. 

You won't have to worry about remembering everything you need to take on a trip out with your new baby. I remember those early days and having to pack the nappies, creams, wipes, bottles, and so on.  If you're staying at home everything will be to hand!

In addition to being able to relax and not worry about travelling with a newborn, your photographer will be able to capture your family in your personal surroundings and among your own belongings, which will create wonderful memories for you in years to come.

It might be that you aren't a fan of posed newborn photography.  In my own experience, due to me being unable to take lots of props with me on location, most of my work in client's homes involved baby being photographed more in a lifestyle fashion, (eg, in another family member's arms etc).  This could be a style of photography you prefer.  

In conclusion, whilst my own personal preference might be for studio based newborn photography sessions,  there are very good reasons for booking either.   I hope this little blog can help you with your decision making.

Thanks for reading.

Working in a studio with my professional lights and backdrops allows me to shape the light and create the kind of effects I want within an image...
.... whilst working on location allows a client to have lifestyle photographs taken within their own home environment.



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