Twins - Double the Trouble - or Twice the Fun?

February 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Twins!  Love them - Love photographing them.

So many times someone has mentioned to me that it must be much more difficult working with multiple newborns.

Well in my experience it isn't - in fact, I've found it to be quite the opposite!

In many respects, I find twins easier than singletons!  Why? Well I think its quite simple really - each adorable little twin set of newborns has recently spent 9 months in very close proximity to each other developing in mum's tum until their joint birthday.

During that time they've been very close and, apart from the voices that drift in to them from the outside world, they have known only each other.  They've gone through the trauma of birth together and in most cases, been put down to sleep together in the same cot or moses basket since their arrival into the world.  

In my experience, whilst I might sometimes need to soothe a singleton for quite a while to get that lovely deep sleep we newborn photographers love, twins will naturally soothe one another.  All I usually have to do with twins is put them down into a pose together and the majority of the time they've settled themselves without much attention needed from me! 

Don't get me wrong - double the number of babies does mean double the time getting poses right and double the observation required to ensure safety.  I've also occasionally chosen to photograph each twin separately in a more challenging pose as I've needed my helper's full attention on one baby at a time, which then of course means extra work in Photoshop - but the resulting photos are always worth it.

Here are some of my more recent double bundles of gorgeousness.  Thanks for reading!




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