Why So Young?

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While I do photograph babies of any age, I was asked recently why I prefer to photograph newborns before two weeks of age if possible (ideally between 6 and 10 days), so I thought I'd do even more towards my New Year's 'Blog More, Eat Less' resolution and write about it on here!  
Aside from the fact that babies this young are more likely to sleep, thereby allowing me to easily position them, we newborn photographers also take advantage of this young age and baby's natural flexibility to safely achieve the wonderful 'curly newborn' poses that are so popular today.
As a point of interest; You will already know about your baby's 'soft spots' or Fontanelles on his or her head, which were of vital importance during baby's birth as they allowed the skull to flex during passage through the birth canal.  Did you also know that babies are born with around 300 bones?  Adults only have 206!  
A newborn's bones are soft, flexible and contain lots of cartilage and its because of this that I am able to easily use poses like the one shown below.  Your little one's bones will harden as they get older and some of them will fuse together until eventually they end up with 206 bones like the rest of us and the ability to be this flexible, except in rare cases, is lost (I haven't been able to even touch my toes in years!)
Please note though, an experienced newborn photographer will always know if a baby isn't comfortable with a specific pose and will always put the safety and comfort of their little model above all else.  Not all babies will comfortably achieve all newborn poses, and a good newborn photographer would rather explain to parents that a requested shot cannot be achieved rather than make a baby uncomfortable.
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