A slightly brilliant day!

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As a photographer, I am always trying to push myself - to discover new ways of doing things, or to find those 'tweaks' that will mean the next image I produce is better than the last. You see, I'm a perfectionist - always have been, always will be.  I've been working as a professional photographer for just over 6 years now, but I always want to push myself further and achieve more.

One day I had a bit of a 'lightbulb' moment.  "Why didn't I just find a photographer whose work I loved, and spend some time with them?"

Now I'm quite a shy person, so the thought of doing this, to be honest, didn't sit that comfortably with me.  However, in the middle of an on-line chat with a man whose work I greatly admire, I plucked up the courage and was absolutely thrilled to bits when he agreed to drive down from Yorkshire to visit my studio for the day!

Mr Rob Mank is, in my opinion, one of our finest newborn photographers. I have admired his work for a long time now.  Like myself, he uses studio rather than natural light, so it was an honour to have him visit my studio and give me tips on how to better use my personal lighting set up.

In the morning we had a willing gentleman model (thanks dad!) who sat very patiently while Rob and I flitted about him with my lights trying different ratios and light positions.  Rob very patiently answered my (occasionally rather stupid) questions and the 'Eureka!' moments began to come thick and fast.

In the afternoon we had the most gorgeous ten day old baby boy to model for us, how lovely it was to work with another newborn photographer - with both of us soothing him he soon fell into a lovely sleep and we got some great photos. 

Thank you so much Rob for your time, support and expertise today, I am really very grateful - and to Mrs Mank - thank you for the beautiful dungarees, you have a real talent!  Last but not least, to my two wonderful models, thank you so much for your time and patience too!  Here are some of the images captured today.

Rob Mank's wonderful work can be seen here

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