The Eyes Have It!

April 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The majority of newborn photographers will agree that sleeping newborns are easier to work with.  After all, a fast asleep baby means a quicker, generally more productive session, with your sleepy tot able to be gently posed in all those cute positions and using props that parents love.

However - if for some reason your little one decides that the inside of a studio is far more interesting than the inside of his or her eyelids, don't panic!  During my newborn sessions, I often have wide eyed babies who just don't want to miss a thing!  This doesn't worry me at all.  My studio is lovely and warm and, once my white noise has been playing for a while and I've done my 'swoosh and shoosh' (clients will know what I mean!) they have all eventually given up and fallen asleep.  In the meantime, I certainly don't waste those gorgeous wide awake eyes!

I often wonder, when processing such photos, what is going on inside those tiny heads.  Isn't nature wonderful?  A matter of days ago these tiny tots would have been inside the womb and now here they are looking around, taking in whatever they can. Amazing stuff!

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