Beautiful Little Lady

March 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

What a pleasure it was to photograph this gorgeous young lady and her parents.  Despite her young age, my little client was alert and very interested in what was going on in the Ellie J Photography studio!  A photographer in the making perhaps?

As always, the popular 'head in hands' image shown below is a composite, made up of two or more separate photographs taken with daddy fully supporting his baby's head and arms at all times.  Babies this young simply cannot support themselves due to the weight of their heads, so composite imaging is the only safe way to achieve the finished photo. 

When you are booking your newborn photographer, please don't be afraid to ask them how they will work safely with your precious newborn.  Have a good look at their portfolio.  Aside from whether you like the look of their style ask yourself whether their little models look comfortable?  Do they have a wide variety of images demonstrating experience in the newborn genre?  Is your chosen photographer insured and trained?

The demand for cute posed newborn photographs has increased dramatically in recent years and in response to this we've seen a lot of newborn photographers advertising their services.  Unfortunately, this business is not regulated and you simply cannot be sure that the person you are handing your tiny baby over to pose and photograph is trained or insured to do so.  This is why I and other experienced, professional newborn photographers are always promoting safe practice; to try and educate new parents and new photographers alike. 

Newborn photography requires a totally different skillset and the safety of our babies is so much more important than a cute photograph or a cheap deal! Apologies if I sound preachy, but this is such an important area and I will always encourage expectant parents to do their homework before booking their photographer. 

I have been a specialist newborn photographer since setting up my business in January 2009.  After photographing hundreds of babies I know from experience what a rewarding but challenging genre of photography this is.   A newborn photographer, in addition to understanding the technical aspects of photography, must also know how to soothe and calm a baby, how to pose them correctly, comfortably and above all else safely.  Over the years I have shuddered to see some of the images that have appeared on the web - for example, babies posed in glass vases or on high props with no support. 

A newborn photographer needs to be patient and have an understanding of a baby's behaviour and physiology, being able to recognise cues and work around baby's needs. They must also be able to communicate with new parents, explaining what they are doing to dispel any concerns.  Finally, of course, the photographer must be able to professionally post process images to compile composites, smooth away newborn rashes and produce a high quality product for their clients.




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