The Complex Art of Baby Photography ;)

February 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Ok - so you all know by now that I love photographing newborns.  However, I also love photographing older babies like this young chap, 8 months old.  

At this age, baby will be interacting nicely with mummy and daddy and, if I play my cards right, that strange photographer lady at Ellie J Photography.  

Over the years I have built up quite the repertoire for coaxing the smiles, or at least - the looks of complete wonderment, out of my little subjects.  Its all highly sophisticated stuff requiring many hours of gruelling, complex preparation and training.

This weekend's session (for example) had me blowing complicated raspberries, jumping around like a gorilla and attacking mum, dad and baby with my toy giraffe....tough stuff, not for the faint hearted, but well worth the expressions I managed to get from this little man!

Thanks for reading!  If you're interested in booking me to photograph your little bundle of fun, contact me on 07765 718415 or through my contact form here. 



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