Mum and Dad - Its About You Too!

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As I've mentioned in a previous blog, I am often asked whether family photographs are included in a newborn or baby portrait session.  My answer is always - of course they are!

I've waffled on many times about how much I enjoy photographing older siblings with their new baby brother or sister, but something I love about working with babies is seeing the interaction between doting new parents and their precious new arrival;  Its an absolute honour to be able to catch emotional moments such as these on camera.  

One thing I have learnt through years of photographing children and newborns, is to train my shutter finger to be very patient. It now waits for just the right moment before capturing an image.  That 'right' moment could be a windy smile, sleepy yawn or even, as in the lovely photo below,  where baby is trying to decide whether to cry or smile! Here, my little model held that frown for a split second before smiling at his mum. I'm so glad my intuitive shutter finger worked well on that day as I adore this photo!

With newborns I always try to capture 'detail' shots using my macro lens.  

Details shots are so important as they provide another memory for parents of just how tiny their baby once was.

Look at my little model's tiny newborn fist closing around daddy's finger here - I remember taking a similar photo of my own son (now 23!) holding my husband's finger.

I just can't tell you how much I love this photograph.

Daddy's tender expression as he cradles his new son is just amazing and tugs at my heart strings every single time I look at it.

I set up this shot up by asking daddy to hold his baby and 'have a chat' with him.  Then I waited.  Moments like this always happen, without fail.  If daddy had been looking at me it wouldn't have worked - I wanted that tender moment where father and son interact, and that's what I got. 

This lovely couple are just bursting with pride over the arrival of their beautiful little girl and I am so happy they asked me to share in their happiness by photographing their new family.  Look at the way mum is looking up at dad - its as if she's saying 'look what we've achieved!' - Love it!


The right shot and the right expression - they are so worth waiting for! 

If you're reading this and think you would like to put my patient shutter finger to the test - contact me on 07765 718415 or through my contact form here.

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